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Standard Franchises

At The Local Guys, we offer a $1,100 per week income guarantee to provide our new Franchise Partners some peace of mind during their first year of business! We understand that when you are getting started in your new business, you may have concerns about not making enough money. To combat this, when you are not working, we will pay you to promote your business… so, no need to worry! If you do not reach accumulative amount in your first year of business, we will top-up your turnover to reach this amount (paid quarterly). 

Training includes relevant licencing, in-field training with an expert in the industry and in-office training. Office training includes all office operations and programs, marketing, sales and accounting.

Definitely! Within your territory you will work to grow your business with the support of our sales and marketing training. The Support Centre also obtains new leads from our marketing which we will pass on to you.

Our royalties are calculated as a flat rate. This means that no matter how much you are earning, you will only pay the flat rate in royalties. We want to see each of our Franchise Partners successfully grow their business as large as possible and we believe charging a percentage of the earnings would discourage this.

We allow approximately 6 weeks to get you started! This allows us to get to know one another, complete the training and get everything set up, read to hit the floor running from day one of business!

The initial investment for starting a Pest Control or Test & Tag franchise is $44,900+GST. A cleaning franchise initial investment is $19,900+GST.

Yes, but unlike other franchises, we charge flat rates, rather than taking a percentage of your business!

Once you’ve made your first enquiry with us, we’ll walk you through the onboarding process to help you attain all of your licenses and clearances. You’ll then go through two weeks of training; one week on Zoom for office training, and one in the field getting hands-on at real jobs with Franchise Partners. Once you’re up and running, we’re only a call away for ongoing support and will catch up with you every 6 weeks for our Franchise Partner meetings!

We’ll teach you a whole range of different techniques during your training that you can use when marketing your business locally! If you have no marketing experience, don’t worry!

We’ve also employed the best in the business to do our marketing on a national-scale to bring us to the forefront of customers minds across the country, and therefore generate more leads and jobs for our Franchise Partners!

From your initial inquiry, our Franchise Consultant will get in touch with you to discuss the franchise opportunity further and to get to know you better! From there, we ask that you sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before we provide you with our Franchise documents (including Franchise Agreement). Once we have the licences & paperwork out the way & you’re ready to get started, we’ll book you in for training before you hit the ground running with your brand new business!

No, none! We’ll teach you everything you need to know and set you up to get your licenses from our reputable industry training partners.

Of course! Once you grow your business to a level that you need additional help, we recommend you operate it with great employees.
To enter into The Local Guys brand, you are required to have a Nationally Recognised Police Check, Working with Children’s Check and First Aid Training. You may also be required to obtain other checks depending on the industry requirements (ie. White card etc). Additionally, you will be required to complete you licencing to operate in your industry.
Regional Franchises

As a Regional Franchise Partner, you will be responsible for managing an entire region for either Test & Tag, Pest Control or Cleaning. This involves onboarding new Franchise Partners for your region and providing ongoing support. This differs to a Unit Franchise, as these Franchise Partners will be out in the field completing services and running their own franchises, but not recruiting new Franchise Partners.

In New Zealand, we are only onboarding 3 Regional Franchise Partners per arm of the company (Test & Tag, Pest Control or Cleaning). That Regional Franchise Partner will manage one of three regions in New Zealand, including all 50 territories within it for their chosen division.

We ask for a $245,000+GST investment to purchase one division. All Regional Franchise Partners must also have $50,000+GST of working capital to help establish their Support Centre.

We do not expect that you have any industry knowledge in your field, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know and guide you through the correct licensing to trade in New Zealand. We will provide administrative, marketing, franchising and office training, as well as hands-on training with our Founder and existing Regional Franchise Partners.

Our Regional Franchise Agreement terms are for 10 years and can be renewed after that period for another 10 years.

We are looking for someone who: 

  • Is a people person who is ready to change lives! 
  • Has demonstrated management and leadership skills 
  • Has previous sales experience 
  • Has great problem-solving skills 

Has 5+ years in business or high-level leadership with proven track record of success

Successful candidates will also be required to provide a cleared Police Check and  Working with Children’s check.

As part of your marketing training, we’ll provide you with all of techniques and strategies that we have used and know work. From there, you’ll be able to create your own marketing strategies and test and try methods to find the best success in New Zealand. Our Head Office will be able to provide you with ongoing advice that you can use from our years of experience marketing to both customers and potential new Franchise Partners.

We’re always only a phone call away! Our Support Centre team will have 6-weekly business coaching sessions with each Regional Franchise Partners to provide advice, go over KPIs and check in on your progress.

Throughout your training, you will receive marketing training. This includes our franchise marketing processes, in addition to receiving our Franchise Recruitment Marketing Guide. This will provide you with the knowledge, ideas and strategies we have found successful in recruiting and onboarding new Franchise Partners. Additionally, you will also receive leads from the Support Centre gained from our marketing.

Definitely! As part of your training, we dedicate time towards marketing for franchisees, as well as marketing to be able to grow your clientele.

In addition to the benefits of it growing your region, successfully onboarding a franchise partner also provides you with a large upfront sum. You will also receive ongoing royalties for supporting them.

As a Regional Franchise Partner, you can earn money in two ways:

  1. For every Unit Franchise Partner you successfully onboard you will receive a large upfront sum.
  2. You will receive ongoing royalties from each Unit Franchise Partner you support.

On average, the onboarding process for a Regional Franchise Partner can take 6 weeks. This gives us time to get to know each other, complete training and help you get started.

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