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Franchise for sale
Savvy Local

We have franchise opportunities across all of New Zealand.

Franchise for sale
A Franchise That Puts You First!

Our Franchise Partners get first class local training and support. 

Franchise for sale
Award Winning Team

Our Franchise is proud to be the winners for two National Awards in business excellence.

Franchise for sale
Supporter of World Vision

The Local Guys donate $5 from every job completed to World Vision. Ensuring we give back to community.

Franchise for sale

Start Your Franchising Journey Today

At The Local Guys Group, you’re our priority as a franchise partner. We focus on you. Our core value, ‘Franchise Partner First,’ shows our dedication to treating each partner like family, not just a business deal.

When you team up with us, you’re not just a statistic. You’re a vital part of our community. That’s why we call our franchisees ‘Franchise Partners.’ We believe in teamwork, mutual support, and shared growth.

We provide exciting franchise opportunities across Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, and all over New Zealand. We operate in three divisions: Electrical Test & Tagging, Pest Control, and Cleaning. Our NZ franchises mean more than transactions – they’re partnerships for practical growth, supported by reliable friends.

Discover a successful business experience and explore the potential of becoming a franchise owner with us. 

Franchise for sale

Check Out Our Article In
Franchise New Zealand Magazine

The Local Guys expansion to New Zealand has been featured in the Spring 2023 issue of Franchise New Zealand Magazine!

Franchise That Offers Genuine Value

When you join The Local Guys Group, you get more than just a franchise. Our team provides the resources and knowledge to help your business thrive. Here’s what we can offer:

Comprehensive Training – Our experts will guide you through every step of launching your franchise, from understanding the market, legal advice and marketing to setting up shop. We’ll also provide ongoing support and advice throughout your journey for a successful franchise.

Impact on Business – With The Local Guys Group, you can make a positive impact on your business as well as improve people’s lives in your community. Our services are transparent and ethical, giving our customers peace of mind while helping them protect their homes and businesses.

Mentorship – As part of our mentorship program, we match experienced Franchise Partners with those just starting out. This allows you to get real-world advice and insights from someone who knows the business inside and out.

Proven Systems – We have developed successful systems and strategies that have been proven to work in New Zealand’s franchising sector. This ensures that our Franchise Partners are well-equipped for success.

Attractive Market – New Zealand’s franchising industry is vibrant and growing, with plenty of potential for success. We’ll help you identify the best opportunities in your market, so that your franchise can stand out among the competition.

Franchise for sale

We Have Franchises For Sale
Across New Zealand!

Discover a variety of franchises for sale throughout New Zealand. Step into a world of potential with our appealing franchise opportunities in NZ. Ever thought of owning a franchise in New Zealand? Your search is over. We’re here to make your dream real, focusing on pest control, electrical testing, and cleaning services. Dive into the world of a franchise business model in NZ, where success is possible.

Thinking of buying a franchise in NZ? Have a specific lifestyle or business in mind? Let’s talk about the essential parts of franchising that lead to success.

Not sure what franchising means? It’s investing in something that can make your dreams come true. It’s more than just buying a franchise; it’s about finding excitement and motivation. Franchising can bring more money and success, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Get Ready to Dive into an Opportunity with The Local Guys Services!

Franchise for sale

Electrical Test & Tag

We've got the skills and knowledge to ensure your electrical appliances are safe and sound. Our trained technicians will test and tag all your equipment, giving you peace of mind about electrical safety.

Franchise for sale

Pest Control

Bugs, rodents, and creepy crawlies? No problem! Our experts are here to help. From checking to treating, we'll tackle pest issues while keeping your health a priority.

Franchise for sale

Reliable House & Commercial Cleaning

Join our team of cleaning experts for spotless spaces. Whether it's a home or a business, our commitment to cleanliness is unmatched. We're the go-to for retail, workplace, and commercial cleaning

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Franchise for sale

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