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Who Are The Local Guys?

We’re a franchise business that focuses on Electrical Test & Tag, Pest Control, and Cleaning services. We’ve built a team of Franchise Partners in both New Zealand and Australia, and are proud to have been able to provide opportunities for people to own their own business, enjoy better work/life balance and have more control over their time, all the while enjoying the perks of being part of a franchise. We started as a family venture, and our guiding principle is ‘Franchise Partner First’. Our franchise setup is built for success, even if you’re new to the game

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Why We Started The Local Guys Group

Meet Jarrad and Stacey Goulding, the driving force behind The Local Guys Group. Here, we bring together Electrical Test and Tag, Pest Control, and Cleaning services to make business shine. Our shared passion for quality customer service and expertise across different fields led us to this.

Jarrad’s tech skills in electrical testing and tagging, and Stacey’s accounting know-how, sparked the idea for The Local Guys. We aimed for a balanced work-life dynamic while growing a family. As we expanded across New Zealand, businesses from various sectors joined us, making our family-owned enterprise thrive. This growth gave balance not only to The Local Guys but also to Jarrad, Stacey, and their three children.

The Franchise Journey: From Electrical Test and Tag to Cleaning and Pest Control

Our franchise business model grew from our own experiences in industries like hospitality and retail. Jarrad and Stacey saw both the good and not-so-good sides of franchising, which drove them to create The Local Guys brand.

With this knowledge, they built The Local Guys, aiming to capture the essence of successful franchises and share those insights with our Franchise Partners.

Built on Core Values

At The Local Guys Group, our foundation is solid with core values: Family, Innovation, Integrity, Devotion, and Passion. These values prove our dedication to making a kick-ass atmosphere for our Franchise Partners. Just like our own lessons from electrical testing, cleaning, and pest control, we’re all about backing up our partners to win big in the franchise game.

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Giving Back through Electrical Test and Tag, Cleaning and Pest Control Franchises

At The Local Guys, we’re all about creating change through what we do. Our goal is to give back and provide amazing franchise opportunities. Since day one, we’ve been focused on both community and great service. We know how success and caring matter, so we’re here to support not only our network but also those who need it. Here’s how we’re doing it: for every job we finish for our valued clients, we donate $5 to World Vision. Thanks to this, we’ve given thousands to this amazing cause.

These donations really matter to World Vision. When we team up with The Local Guys, we’re not just delivering top-notch electrical test and tag, cleaning, and pest control services – we’re also showing we care about the community. Our customers understand that when they choose us, they’re helping the community too. Join us to see how our great service meets meaningful community support.

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Discover great franchise chances all across New Zealand. If you’re up for an exciting successful business backed by a strong national company, you’re in the right place. Learn about becoming a Franchise Partner and reach out for details today!

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